Our Offering

Ensō Strategic provides fractional marketing services — whether it’s a seasoned CMO to install overall leadership or a unit director role. We onboard fast, with no entanglements and more command. For less than half the annual cost of a typical CMO or unit leader, you’ll gain the confidence to make impactful, strategic decisions in the near term. Our service pillars are: visibility, performance, innovation. Marketing is more than a long game, so we’re ready to hit the ground running from day 1.

Fractional Marketing Benefits


For strategic marketing to work, and for confidence in it to grow, a fractional CMO must first claim a vantage point for visibility.


Despite its reputation, marketing isn’t experimental. Trial and error is wise in iteration, but not in the overall program.


CMOs average $247K salary, $48K bonus, 0.5-1% equity. A fractional CMO is paid a fee, $102K to $168K annual, no bonus or equity. 


We graduated the CMOx Accelerator and adopted their proven method with mods that amplify our CMO’s personal strengths.


Hiring a fractional CMO is a far simpler process than a typical executive search. We’re ready to audit from day 1 of the engagement.


Brands too often dwell on WHAT the business does — we shift the conversation to HOW expressive and compelling the offering is.


In our first month, we visually map all customer touch points. We then adjust activity, install gap measures, and drive performance.


Our CMO is built for this. His five Clifton strengths are strategy, achievement, ideation, learning, and command (in order). 


Marketing, like other functions, works best on schedule. Your fractional CMO eagerly joins the team, is available, and leads weekly meets.


Your fractional CMOspeaks plainly and brings marketing into the light. We probe and improve KPI vitals for a healthier ecosystem.


Your fractional CMO comes with a Fine Arts degree, 20 years of agency experience, and 10 years of artistry coaching with Torch.


The CMOx Accelerator clarified why we should do this work, in this way, in this moment — and we’re eager to share the benefits with you.

Services — 3 Pillars


Program Audit
Systems Map
Prioritization Grid


KPI Scorecard
Fast Campaigns
Gap Measures


Ideation Sessions
Artistry Coaching
Resource Network

Key KPIs are tracked and discussed openly in Weekly Agile Meets.


The engagement begins with a full Program Audit designed to illuminate your current marketing coverage, resources, performance, and more. The goal is a thorough download that onboards us squarely in the first 30 days. Next, we create a Systems Map so we can visualize touchpoiunts and the overall flow of marketing. If any adjustments need to be made, we enable that from this diagram — that’s upfront and over time, as new initiatives are added into the system. Next, we produce a Prioritization Grid to clarify marketing’s primary, secondary, and tertiary functions.


With the structure and priorities of marketing set, we proceed to a KPI Scorecard for tracking performance on a weekly basis. This provides clear, top-line metrics and accountability across all areas of the marketing operation. Next, we deploy Fast Campaigns to capitalize on any loose ends, recently dropped, or underfulfilled customers. We handle this remotely with customers as a third-party resource. Next, we install Gap Measures to backfill lost or stalled efforts, or to jumpstart a tactic previously unexplored but desired. This can included automated efforts like email sequencing.


With the system and KPI reports running, we look for opportunities to innovate. We offer Ideation Sessions for quarterly strategy, project brainstorming, or impromtu needs. No ideas are bad, but all are weighed against and fit into the System Map. Artistry Coaching is available for forward-facing members of the organization, or to enhance the overall expressive quality of communications, across media. Our Resource Network extends the internal team to specialized contract labor. These aren’t employees of our firm. We hold them to the highest performance standards.