“Eric is incredible at what he does. He takes the time to ensure clients understand why and how things are being done.”

– Chiedo John, director of software engineering at GitHub (collaborator)

“Eric was a perfect fit and a solid role model. He added substantial value to company initiatives. He helped his most recent mentee grow into a new role as Chief Marketing Officer. This was exactly the kind of experience he sought from our mentoring program.”

– Mike Bergelson, founder at Everwise (employer)

“Eric works well with others, a true team motivator, and understands that reputation is very important. His timeliness and professional approach are always key to success. Thanks Eric for a job well done.”

– Sheila Jones, VP at Gates Hudson (client)

“Eric is a passionate marketer who above all his talents, cares about the organization he works for and wants to make impact. He is energetic, sees efforts through to completion, and has a great combination of creativity and work ethic.”

– Steven Gilbert, SVP at Gates Hudson (client)

“Eric is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely organized and manages everything with precision.”

– Jamie Barber, partner at ARC Creative (collaborator)

“Eric has made a lasting impact on my diverse life as an artist, educator, and entrepreneur. He’s my “go-to” when drafting fellowship grants and artist statements. He serves as a guide. For Open Space Education, he helped define our organization and distinguish it from other outdoor schools and art organizations. Eric embodies artistry through all of his work. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

– Blythe King, founder at Open Space Education (client)

“Eric has guided me through marketing my business specific to my expertise. I continue to draw inspiration and knowledge from him, and without hesitation I strongly recommend his direction.”

– Tessa Trigloff, owner at Timber Ridge Remodeling (client)

“Eric helped me think about my career in an entirely new way. He helped me boost my creative thinking and personal branding skills. I was impressed with his ability to unlock this part of my brain, especially with me having a technical background.”

– Herman Li, senior software engineer at Carbon (Torch mentee)

“Eric’s work is outstanding, and he possesses a natural ability to bring folks together. I would highly recommend his services.”

– Wendy Litteral, UX/UI Designer at ECS (collaborator)

“Eric is a dynamic idea man, with the power of determination and perseverance to ensure initiatives take flight.”

– Cindy Kunst, photographer (collaborator)

“Eric makes the ordinary extraordinary with the simplest of strokes.”

– Lelei Lelaulu, former CEO of Counterpart International (client)

“Eric’s expertise, passion and approach to the needs of his clients are all second to none. During our first consultation, he immediately launched into ideas designed to take my business to the next level. I’ve found my Jerry McGuire!”

– Brian D. Hamlin, CEO of Saint Gabrielle Street & Company (client)

“Eric’s sense of space and form is nuanced and remarkable; his creativity is inspired; his dedication to craft is truly boundless.”

– Lauren Radziejewski, nurse (collaborator)

“Eric is not from this planet. At times, I think he channels the Pleiadeans (which might not be a bad thing, considering what’s needed to be ultra-competitive in the era of the post-economy).”

– Nicole Radziwill, professor at James Madison University (collaborator)

“Eric is our Neo, from the Matrix movies.”

– Mark Lannes, CEO of Sweet Relief (client)

“Eric makes his own luck — not by sitting on his a$$ and waiting for things to happen; he goes and earns through hard work, tenacity, sweat, etc. Some things never change.”

– Nicole Bonuso, professor at Cal State Fullerton (friend since high school)

“Eric is a person who knows how to get things done. He eagerly learns new skills that are outside of his experience.”

– Mark Stamm, former CEO at Greater Atlantic Bank & Amtrust (former employer)

“Eric’s input identifies considerations that shift thinking in a positive way. He is meticulous with details.”

– Michael Drayne, SVP at American Home Bank (teammate at Greater Atlantic Bank then client)

“Eric is madly talented! He is a gifted storyteller. He chooses his words thoughtfully and weaves them with visuals beautifully.”

– Ashton Nolley, song publisher (client and collaborator)

“Eric is completely reliable and professional. He always does what he says he’ll do.”

– Dusty Rose, studio manager at Cue Recording (collaborator)

“Eric brings a silver tongue and big ideas. You want rain? He can make it rain.”

– Jeff Jeffrey, owner at the School of Audio Engineering (client and collaborator)

“Eric is a digital marketing guru. In a town where people talk a big game, he listens to your needs and delivers on his pitch.”

– Greg Berger, documentary film producer and videographer (client and collaborator)

“Eric’s the type of guy you want on your team – because you certainly don’t want to compete against him.”

– Ian Jones, CEO at FluidHire (former teammate)

“You gotta love Eric’s fire for business. He cares deeply about his work — the way it should be.”

– Alex Painter, Arlington Chiefs Baseball (client and collaborator)

“Eric did a fantastic job on my website – I literally can’t stop looking at it. That’s especially impressive considering how little I contributed to the effort while consumed with a book proposal.”

– Wanda Lasseter Lundy, healer (client)

“Eric always made himself available, got along well with committee members and established a steady environment for productivity.”

– Lisa Greenwald, Greenwald & Associates (client)

“Eric is a hard-working individual who diligently pursues success through thoughtful preparation and tenacity.”

– Dan Emory, CEO at Active Assurance (client and collaborator)

“Eric is an exceptional leader – dedicated, driven and enthusiastic. He puts 100% into his commitments.”

– Jennifer Carney, former consultant at ABT Associates (former teammate)

“Eric possesses the natural ability to inspire those around him.”

– Jeff Severson, music producer at JSP (client and collaborator)

“Eric is bright, quick-to-the-chase and gets at the real problems and challenges his clients face. He is proactive and doesn’t wait for problems to fester on a project before jumping in to avert them.”

– Morgan C. Benton, professor at James Madison University (client and collaborator)

“We all strive to be unique, to be our own brand. Eric has achieved this and honored the essence of his clients.”

– Rodrigue Lawson, partner at Celsius-Plus (former intern and collaborator)

“Wow — great site. Really impressive! There is substance behind every word I’ve read.”

– Betty Arnold, VP at Xerox (commenting to our client Lynn Carter, founder of Cartersmith Marketing)

“Saying thanks is not enough for the phenomenal lucidity in your writing. Good work and much success in your business efforts!”

– Victor Hentai (blog subscriber)

“Eric’s breakthrough work on our annual report has spawned many knockoffs in past years, none as well done as the original.”

– Traer Sunley, former director of communications at Pact (client)

“Before Eric, we struggled with ineffective messages and styles. He helped us to clarify our thoughts and communicate attractively.”

– Shannon Steene, ED at Good Shepherd Housing (client)

“Eric’s skills, knowledge and flexibility would benefit any organization.”

– Janice Clark, program director at National Neighborhood Coalition (client)

“Eric’s is a creative tour de force and a visionary! He is definitely one of the most imaginative people I’ve ever met.”

– Jonathan Fox, attorney (college classmate and former teammate)

“Bless God for the abundance of Eric’s talent – his ideas are on-point, and the sheer number of options he can generate is extraordinary; He’s also a sushi chef and an astronaut, didn’t you know?”

– Anthony Saracini, owner at Basement Detective (client and collaborator)

“Eric, thank you so much for helping us raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!”

– Carey Ragels, fundraiser

“Eric combines successful entrepreneurial endeavors, musical activities and community support all in one well-lived life.”

– Alexandra Lajoux, CEO at American Classic Recordings (client and collaborator)

“We get as many compliments on our CD artwork as we do on the actual music. Last weekend, a large number of people liked the art so much that we wound up autographing them under our individual pictures. We are very proud to have it represent us.”

– Bob Melissinos, Shenandoah Run (client)

“Eric knows how to produce and manage an event. His shows are first class, organized and a lot of fun to attend.”

– Rick Adams, account executive at EU Services (collaborator)

“Eric’s input was well-researched, presented clearly and highly responsive to our needs.”

– Skip Moskey, former director at National Association for Public Hospitals (NAPH) (client)

“Eric is a hard worker and a skilled and talented hand. His perspective is impressive. He has a great eye for detail.”

– Diana Beruff, former editor of Washington City Paper (former employer)

“Eric gave my logo and website a modern, metropolitan sensibility that’s just great. The blog is going to be a great marketing tool as well. He’s like a Picasso with websites.”

– Sebastian Lim, founder at Potomac Design Build (client, work completed in support of Cave WebWorks)

“Eric was without question one of the spiritual and ideological centers of our college art scene. His commitment to the community as a whole was unparalleled. He was an inspiration to many of us. He was a great promoter as well, mobilizing people and getting the word out. Perhaps most impressively, his leadership qualities were such that he did all this without ever putting himself before others.”

– Bryan McKee, professor (college classmate and former teammate)

“His enthusiasm and ability to both explain and demonstrate his creative process were critical in my own decision to explore graphic design as a profession. Talented, passionate, inspiring – all qualities I associate with Eric.”

– Joe Magliaro, graphic designer (college classmate and former teammate)

“Launching a business is a 24-7 proposition. Working with Eric took away a lot of the headaches related to brand image, marketing and the development of materials that reflect our quality standards and philosophy.”

– Patrick and Melissa John, owners at Mint Fitness (client)

“Eric helped us to proliferate a new image across a large and diverse volume of materials. This was when our brand identity really took life. We are thrilled with the results!”

– Diane Jukofsky, former communications director at Rainforest Alliance (client)

“Eric helped an attorney moonlighting as a musician to launch a top-notch CD and promotions. He was extremely helpful and worked with us at each stage of the process.”

– Rod Garcia, attorney (client)

“Eric is a wizard. Can’t wait for the CD release event!”

– Jason Dolan, songwriter (client)

“Eric keeps getting better with the years, just like fine wine. This is one intense and imaginative dude!”

– Memphis Gold, bluesman (client)

“I’ve found that his creativity has never been limited by pre-conceived notions. He pulls the best from people, pushing them to match his own drive – always to their betterment as professionals.”

– Justin Poroszok, jazz musician (college classmate and teammate)

“Congratulations on an informative, interactive website. It’s compelling and emits a great energy. Love the videos!”

– Sarah Plumb (customer of Wanda Lasseter-Lundy, a client)

“The website should elevate her business to the next level. I hope she’s ready for all the work she’s going to get!”

– Mary English, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Eric is a firestarter and go-getter. He’s very good at advancing the careers of those who are serious about their music.”

– Rob Sharp, music producer at 3rd Side Productions (client and collaborator)

“Eric displays sound leadership qualities, capable of bringing together people from different schools of thought.”

– John Unice, attorney (college classmate)

“Eric brings leadership and get things done. He is fearless and states his mind, even when he has the minority opinion.”

– Shawn Garitz, finance manager (fellow student at University of Richmond and former teammate)

“The poster is awesome. Outstanding work. Great turnaround. Can’t wait to produce others in the series. I’m also excited about the new direction for my website. The fact that I can manage the content myself is great. I’m eager to dive in!”

– Tony Doggett, independent musician (client and collaborator)

“Eric’s ad looks so much better than what I had slapped together. He did a great job of capturing our brand.”

– Amir Tahami, owner at Sun and Moon Yoga Studio (client)

“I love my new logo! I especially like the tagline – a colorful voice. I wouldn’t have thought to add that but I think it’s a nice touch. It’s definitely what I want to convey.”

– Jennifer Garra McCarthy, voiceover professional (client and friend since high school)

“I have complete confidence in Eric’s ability to deliver advertising with a retail sensibility.”

– Hristo Marintchev, founder at Adagio Ballet (client)

“I really enjoy Eric’s blog and the insight from everyone who participates. It’s refreshing and informative.”

– Dan Waldron (blog subscriber)

“Eric, I just wanted to say good job. I enjoy reading your posts.”

– Ben Waugh, Daily Direct Marketing Tips website (blog subscriber)

“It’s the first time I’ve commented here and I must say you share genuine and quality information for other bloggers! Great job.”

– E. Scollemo, Car Floor Jacks (blog subscriber)

“If you’re looking for more than average results, Eric is someone who’ll ensure you reach the highest standard of excellence. He takes care of you sincerely.”

– Shunichi Takashima, photographer (former teammate)

“Eric is simply brilliant when it comes to fusion marketing and customer service. I’ve known him for several years. Time and time again, he rolls out the red carpet for each and every client. I am in awe in regards to his attention to detail.”

– April Sims, founder at We Are Greater Than I (collaborator)

“Eric worked with me step-by-step to ensure my project was done right. He offered suggestions that I had never thought about and questioned some of the things I wanted to do. Without him, I know my project would never have been completed so well. I got more than I asked for at a price that was very reasonable.”

– Arnold Sanow, motivational speaker (client)

“Eric organized a concert for my family and I at Jammin’ Java (Vienna VA – USA). It was a hit show, aided in no small part by his promotions and ticket-sales management. His professionalism in dealing with the concert venue made sure everything was just right for the audience.”

– Ben Doggett, independent singer/songwriter (client)

“My first dealings with Eric involved a recording artist he managed, Buster Brown, and some strategic business planning. He is professional, knowledgeable, honest and has his heart in everything he does.”

– Brenda Celdran, Breezy Promotions (collaborator)

“Over the many years that I have known Eric, I’ve witnessed the passion and dedication he has to his crafts. His live show is great. Rarely does an artist sound just as good in person as they do on record. Do yourself a favor and check him out.”

– Howard Bolden, professional DJ (former teammate)

“I’ve known Eric since we were both students in college. He has a talent for picking solid collaborators and he’s a whiz at promotions. If you’re looking for a talented creative with great taste, solid leadership skills and the ability to deliver on your project, he’s your man.”

– Christian Dawson, COO at ServInt (college classmate)

“The logo and website banner are awesome! Holler!”

– My-Hanh Lac, professional poolplayer (client)

“You’ve done a great job with our website. Just checked Google and we’re ranked first like you said we would be. Impressive.”

– Derek Alexander, founder at Whistle Clean (client)

“Our website is beautiful. We’re getting a new appointments each day! Thank you for taking the time to train us on the dashboard.”

– Cyndie Kronz, Dad’s Tree Service (client)

“Man, you killed it again on the logo, business cards and website. Looking forward to working together on a few events this summer.”

– Nana Opoku, Kontinental Entertainment (client and collaborator)

“Great job with the copy and website design. You got the look and feel just right — clean, professional and friendly.”

– Bob Klink, Northern Virginia Remodelers (client and collaborator)

“I like what Eric is doing for poolplayers in Northern Virginia. NOVA BCA is very professional.”

– Brandon Shuff, professional poolplayer (collaborator)

“Eric is upfront and always keeps me in the loop per the latest developments with his events in my venue. Few are as organized.”

– Todd Laferriere, former general manager at Fast Eddies restaurant (collaborator)

“Eric’s concerts always have a solid draw. First-rate productions.”

– Jonathan Brindley, owner at Jammin’ Java (collaborator)

“Eric provided consistent sales support on print advertising in the Fairfax County Recreation Guide and site banners at the Fairfax Ice Arena.”

– Henry Weisiger, Fairfax Ice Arena (client and collaborator)

“Eric is responsive, very creative, easy to work with, and has a way of translating general ideas into just what his customer needs. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with!”

– Alex Rossino, independent singer/songwriter (client)

“To call Eric a marketing guru is an understatement. Informed, time-tested and truly talented. Offers an array of skills that make him an invaluable creative. The final product of his work displays his consistent dedication to excellence.”

— Emmanuel Gamor, photographer (collaborator)

“Eric is unique and brings a brilliant mixture of straightforwardness and creativity to everything he does.”

— Kasey Crowe Freesland, director of education & partnership services, Score Association (blog subscriber)

“I met Eric through my daughter, Denise. I hired him to market a new golf putting teaching aid. His ideas to take our product from prototype to market are brilliant. His unique and creative thinking will save our company a considerable amount of money.”

— Monroe Hart, golf pro and inventor (client)

“Wow — my logo looks absolutely stunning! Eric knows exactly what he’s doing.”

— Lynn Carter, VP of Xerox and CEO of Cartersmith Marketing (client and collaborator)

“Eric’s greatest talent is the ability to let his clients’ personalities shine through in the end product. He’s imaginative — but he also listens to what others offer. I’m so much more in love with my brand because of that.”

— Sandy Cooper, My Greek Pets (client)

“I am so excited about my new website! If you need a professional in this arena, then Eric is your man.”

— Diana Sundsvold, professional violinist and instructor (client)

“I found Eric through a Google search. His work is very innovative.”

— Emad Masumi, The Car Helpers (client)

“Have you seen his signature? Total rockstar.”

— Scott Norris, independent recording artist (client)

“Eric has been a motivator for years — especially before we reconnected on Facebook. His tough love sticks, even if it doesn’t feel like love at first.”

— Jefferson Jay, independent recording artist (client)

“Been reading Eric’s older blogs. There’s tons of great stuff there to share with my clients. He doesn’t hold back — which is refreshing.”

— Michael Kirnan, Donnelly’s Printing & graphics (blog subscriber)